Action Days

After the Lane End Conservation Group lost one of its very active and dedicated founder members, Tony Davis in January 2000, LECG had to re-invent itself and the way in which conservation work could continue. Tony had spent almost 20 years organising and doing most of the conservation work in the parish with just one or two helpers. Now a group of active members had to be found, who would meet regularly to undertake such tasks.

Action Day at Botany Brook Ditchfield Pond, on Ditchfield Common, has been the subject of restoration recently as part of the project to rediscover this common.

In 2002 Action Days were established. Every first Saturday of the months volunteers meet at the central village car park at 10 a.m. to do some work proposed by the committee, other members or local residents. A week before a reminder gets sent out by e-mail and a few by snail mail. There are always more tasks to be done than we helpers are available. Everybody is encouraged to give a hand, but nobody has to do anything they feel unable to do. LECG is lucky to have almost 30 volunteers offering their help. Sometimes up to 20 turn up - despite bad weather, and at others there are only a few.

Action Days are a good way to meet other like-minded members, enjoy a bit of exercise in the open air and go home with a feeling of having achieved something for the benefit of other people. After about two hours work most of the helpers drop in at the village hall for coffee and a snack, which is provided by Lane End Twinning Association.