The Lane End Conservation Group does not receive any regular funding. The group is totally self supporting through subs and donations. Volunteers of the early years had offered their services to surrounding parishes and any moneys earned put into LECG ’s accounts.

Various projects attracted funding following well prepared grant applications:

The Lottery's "Awards For All" (2000)

For the Millennium project of creating a village book:

"Four Pubs and two Duck Ponds"

Four Pubs and Two Duck Ponds

Left over money was allowed to be used to re-build Moorend Common Bridge.

The Lottery's "Awards For All" (2004)

For the restoration of Foundry Pond.

The Chilterns Conservation Board (2004)

A grant for restoration work on Head and Body Pond was thankfully received.

Wycombe District Council

Provided two Environmental Action Grants, one for each of the pond restorations.

Lane End Parish Council

Contributed small grants to the pond projects.

The Environment Agency

Ran a scheme for very small local projects. LECG received two small grants.

Bucks County Council

The 3 P scheme (Parish Path Partnership)- (now currently ceased) was designed to help parishes look after public footpaths in their area. Lane End Parish is one of the few left in Bucks, who still receive funding for work carried out by the parish, ie. By the volunteers of LECG. Moneys received under this scheme help pay for power tools and their maintenance.