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Date Update
10th July 2019 Fungal Foral added to diary entries
10th July 2019 Report on Tree Planting Project at Four Fields
9th January 2018 Updated with new committee contact details, and diary entries
14th September 2017 added AGM to Diary and Welcome page
21st February 2017 added 'Re-Launch' event to Diary and Welcome page
12th October 2016 Updates across the site to reflect new committee and to reinvigorate the website
6th September 2014 Action Day September 2014
2nd August 2014 Action Day August 2014
5th July 2014 Action Day July 2014
7th June 2014 Action Day June 2014
3rd May 2014 Action Day May 2014
5th April 2014 Action Day April 2014
1st March 2014 Action Day March 2014
1st February 2014 Action Day February 2014
4th January 2014 Action Day January 2014
7th December 2013 Action Day December 2013
2nd November 2013 Action Day November 2013
5th October 2013 Action Day October 2013
7th September 2013 Action Day September 2013
3rd August 2013 Report on August Action Day
10th July 2013 Report on July Woodland Walk
6th July 2013 Report on July Action Day
26th June 2013 Star of the month - June
12th June 2013 Report on June Wildlife Walk